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Waist Hoop Trainer

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A Fun Way To Get
Fit Quickly and Safely!


Fun and effective way of doing cardio at home. 30 mins of hooping is equivalent to 1 hour of running or 4 hours of yoga. It might looks easy, but it's a real workout!

Pro Tip: Proper diet must be paired with consistent excerise to lose weight. Calorie Deficit is highly recommended


FULL BODY CARDIO: Our Waist Hoop Trainer uses centrifugal force to tone your buttocks, boost your cardiovascular fitness and define your waist, legs, and core muscles.

To activate your leg muscles, use your quads and glutes to keep the weight in motion and keep your core engaged at all times


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Common Questions

What size people can use it?

Connected by 26 detachable sections, our Hoop Trainer is adjustable to all waist sizes from 20 to 47 inches. That means that you can use it forever, regardless of your waist size changes. Every section has an ergonomic bump that provides a pleasant massage to your belly while using it. 
For people with 47 to 52 inches, we are out of stock for 28 link waist hoop trainer.

How often should I use it?

Hula hooping is an anaerobic exercise which has various levels of intensity. The amount that you use the Waist Hoop Trainer depends on your personal goals. Paired with a good diet and healthy habits, many users have reported losing 5-10 pounds within the first few weeks.

We recommend using it for 30 minutes upto 3-5 times per week.

I don't know how to hoop🤷

The Waist Hoop Trainer is designed for everyone, no matter your fitness level or hula hooping experience. It sits on your waist like a belt, so just need to spin your hips to reap the benefits

Is it comfortable around the waist?

The Waist Hoop Trainer has spring-loaded pads that fit comfortably around the waist and protect against wear on the skin.

How heavy is the ball?

The ball weight can be adjusted by removing or adding small weights, sand, or even rice, for a more intense workout.

Fill it to add weight and increase intensity to your workout

Can I use it if I have knee or back issues?

The motion from Hula Hooping exercise is low impact and easy on the joints but we recommend asking your doctor if performing the hula hooping motion feels uncomfortable in your knees.